29 Aug, 2016
Land Art Campi Flegrei
XI from October 3rd to November 3rd, 201
Land Art Campi Flegrei
Oasis of Monte Nuovo and right lakeside of Averno lake, Arcofelice, Naples, Italy
Land Art Campi Flegrei
Land art campi flegrei XI "the artistis praxis as social event"

piu liberiLand art campi flegrei the artistic praxis as social event
It’s an international project that aims to connote the area of Campi Flegrei as an open air museum. The cultural path, with its artistic works wants to promote the potential country tourism as it involves the local products and the culture of welcoming. The artistic works are made mainly of natural materials and offer the possibility to construct in the collective imaginary a new mental map of this place as poetry, beauty and mystery.
The artistic works are there, waiting for the natural cycle of their own materials, for the sensitivity and the respect of visitors.
The path Monte Nuovo - Lago d’Averno is open (free entry) from dawn to sunset.
If you arrive from Naples ON FOOT:
We warmly suggest you to arrive here on foot by using the train Cumana. Get off the stop in Lucrino to get Lago d’Averno or stop in Arco Felice to get the Oasi Monte Nuovo.
The complete visit of the Land Art path is 5 KM, therefore make sure to wear some comfortable shoes and to bring a bottle of water. You’ll enjoy your healthy walk in a natural landscape, plenty of calm and peace.
If you arrive from Naples BY CAR:
Both Lago d’Averno and Monte Nuovo don’t have large public car parks inside; we suggest you to use the official website to plan your journey and park.
If you come by car, you should arrive by 10a.m. to avoid traffic jam: get the exit tangenziale Arcofelice 14, on the right you’ll find a long tunnel, then you’ll drive nearby the coast and you’ll get Lucrino and Lago d’Averno. But you could also follow the road signs for oasi Monte Nuovo if you don’t want to get into the tunnel.
Monte Nuovo: medium difficulty, 30% incline, and from here on foot you’ll get Lago d’Averno.
Lago d’Averno: very easy, also for disabled people, with small paying car parks inside.
Please download the map and the complete programme from website.



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2010-spring-0018-tThe project “Land Art Campi Flegrei” has as first principle the cultural restart of the Campi Flegrei area. This project was created by Leaf Organization, an association that was born in 2006 to protect the north-west area of Naples.

The LAND ART is the green Art and its aim is to attract tourists in the Campi Flegrei. The area will have cultural paths along the park. The cultural paths consist in art’s installations, realized with local natural materials.
The artworks will be useful to discover new relations between the environment and society, oasis and the city, free time and active citizenship, history and culture.

Land Art is a form of art that express herself with the creation of site specific open air installations and it represents one of the most important creative trend in the ecological and sustainable field.




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