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23 Oct, 2017

Landart 2013

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20132013 –natural state reserve of the Astroni’s crater
the Astroni’s crater is part of the " Campi Flegrei is a volcanic field that is geologically called caldera. Caldera is a vast depression of the Earth's surface, generally determined by the emptying of the magma chamber as a result of a VERY POWERFUL ERUPTIONS AND RESULTING FROM THE COLLAPSE OF overlying rocks. The reserve covers an area of approximately 247 hectares and includes the entire volcanic edifice. At the bottom of the crater there are three depressions: the first of which is a very big lake, while the other two are rather two small stagni. The international project "Land Art Campi Flegrei " aims to promote tourism in the region through sustainable and artistic paths. The initiative is designed for installation in the site of the Astroni’s crater, consisting of works of contemporary art, made with biodegradable materials and environmentally friendly.


“Natura naturans. Art as a creative process”, would like to underline the importance on the real relation between art and nature, from the process of creation and destruction.
We think that art is a fundamental moment in the human’s spirit.
The human’s spirit is nothing more than culture as the German philosopher Hegel has said and written, in the litteral sens of “world’s cultivation”. The possibility of leaving a sign in the territory is culture".

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