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23 Oct, 2017

Landart 2006

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 2006 – ramo doro - via risorgimento 2 - Bacoli

Ancient mine, roman age, for the tuff’s extraction. The tuff is a yellow-sand stone, hailing from the flegrea area. The area is volcanic and the geologists refer the area to the ignibrite period 40.000 years more or less. The site is a big mine surrounded by a vineyard with at the bottom a big cavern used as a air-raid shelter during the two world wars of the 20° century. Actually it is used by the owners as an events location. Accidentally, one day, the ancient citizens discover the pozzolana by mixing this kind of soil. The pozzolana can be useful to bind one stone to another and so it permits to experiment in the constructions for the great imperial villas of Baia. This kind of material was introduced also in Rome for the construction of the Official monuments.



"the suggestions that come from Campi Flegrei, only if you watch the landscape with all its surfaces, it reminds you to an history totally unexplored....a place so striking, gaunt in the tuff, enlighten by it thanks to the dizzying cuts, Campi Flegrei for all these reasons has its meaning in a history covered by the territory..."  Michele Sovente

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