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23 Oct, 2017

Landart 2010 Spring

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2010-s2010 spring – Averno’s lake
The Averno’s lake is a volcanic one “…there was a deep cavern, with a lot of stones and immense, it was defended by a black lake and by the forest. Over the forest no birds could be able to fly freely: from the lake came a black daze and for this reason the Greek called the place Aornon”. Now the lake is marvellous with its green water. The forest has been damaged by the wild use of the romans that have spoiled the forest to use the woods for their boatyard. Even today we can see reflected in the lake the ruins of an ancient thermal room (Apollo’s temple). In one hour and half it is possible to do the whole tour of the lake with some stops in the most relevant naturalistic points. The landscape was at the same time sweet and disturbing and it was considered a place connected with the bowels of the earth, in fact Virgilio found there the connection with the world of the unseen. A visit in these places becomes an exercise of reflection on the human’s power through history, nature, culture and the boundaries in which we live.

2010-spring-0012-tland art Campi Flegrei is an international project that will characterize the Campi Flegrei park as an artistic open space. The artworks, generally, are three-dimensional because they are made of stones, flowers, wood. The artworks’ life follows the natural cycle of the nature and they are available for the visitors’ conscious fruition.

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