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23 Oct, 2017



Landart Campi Flegrei




De Pictura

Camaldoli’s forest Naples 4 OCTOBER - 30 OCTOBER 2014

“The artistic practice as a social one", would like to underline the relation between art and nature, to facilitate slow and sustainable fruition’s processes of the territory and of contemporary art.

Conditions and standards of participation requested:

1. The artwork must be realized with the natural biodegradables elements;
The participants are not allowed to bring plant’s seeds or living vegetable, plastic, inked paper like newspaper or to use or set fire..
2. The artworks can be realized also with raw iron, not varnished, natural fiber ropes, mineral or vegetable pigments, clay, stones and everything which is 100% biodegradable.
3. The installation has to be realized by the artist and his or her partners in a safe way for the other person and for the environment; the installation
4. has to respect a 50 meters distance with the others, if this condition is not respected the scientific committee has the right to react and to establish a different position;
5. The artworks has to be a reflection on the thematic proposed by the scientific committee: The artists’ practice a social operation;

Terms and conditions:

1. To participate to the call the artists should fill the form in the website
2. With the form you have to attach (as requested in the form) two PDF files that have to be no more than 2,3 MB each: the first file, concerning the project, should contain:
The information regarding the chosen location (the artist will indicate the specific point where he/she will realize the artwork on the map of Camaldoli’s woods – you can download it from the website in the section CALLS or given in dotation during the first visit; for the clarity of the choice the artist should add photographs or written indications referring to the specific elements of the landscape so it will be easy to find the chosen location),
Artwork’s sketch,
Technical file,
A brief description of the project;
the second file should contain the cv of the artists.
3. The deadline for sending the project is the 30 of June 2014 at 12 p.m. instead you will be excluded;
4. Due to publication needs the sketches must be send in high resolution (.tiff) on request of the Committee Organization;
5. The organization push the artists to visit the location of the Camaldoli’s Park, independently or accompanied by the logistic staff of Land Art Campi Flegrei, to choose the location in which they will put their artwork.;
6. The artists that will go in the Camaldoli’s Park can be accompanied during the first visit by the logistic staff of Land Art Campi Flegrei;
7. The guided visits will be on Saturdays or Sundays morning from 10am, from Saturday the 26 of April and they will end on Sunday 22 of June;
8. The visit is suitable but not compulsory to participate in the contest, the artists who are not able to do the visit can rely on the photographic documentation of the location published on the website and in the CALLS section;
9. If the position chosen is the same of other artists’ location, the artists should find a common solution, instead the scientific committee has the right to take part in the dispute and decide himself for the artists;
10. The artworks that will arrive in time will be examined by the Land Art Campi Flegrei scientific Committee: Laura Basco, architect and professor of Landscape Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Naples; Celeste Ianniciello PhD researcher in cultural studies and postcolonial at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”; Manuela Esposito PhD researcher in cultural studies and postcolonial in the Anglophone world at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”; Sveva D’Antonio graduated in History of art and conservation of the artistic patrimony at the University Suor Orsola Benincasa; Mimmo Grasso poet and essayist; Roberta De Gregorio graduated in History of art and expert in the education of the patrimony; Davide Carnevale founder and art director.
11. The list of the artworks that have been selected will be published on the website within the 30 June 2014; then the artists selected will be contacted by email.
12. The artworks can start to be set up from the 25 of September (from 9.30am to 3pm) and they must be finished by first October 2014.
13. The artworks will remain in the location until they will naturally disappear;
14. The organization is a no profit one and its aim is to be ethical and social, for this reason the artists are supposed to participate with a citizens’ active spirit. This kind of participation will protect and value the things that we have in common and it will facilitate an international crossfire on important subjects like a sustainable future.
15. The path’s opening will be on the third of October 2014
16. Every artworks and performances will be published on the official website and on the social network dedicated and also on the website of the cultural institutions partners.

Communicate the day of the first visit

See the location on the map

This 10th edition of Land Art Campi Flegrei is designed and promoted by the LEAF organization and De Pictura’s organization in partnership with: Academy of fine Arts Naples, Goethe Institute Naples, Institut Français de Naples, Cervantes Institute;
and it is sponsored by:
Naples Commune, Pozzuoli’s Commune, Campania Region, Campi Flegrei’s Authority park, Hills’ Authority park of Naples;
Private Sponsor: Cantine degli Astroni, Cantine dell’Averno, Vini della Sibilla, Movimento Vino Campania, Thermal baths Stufe di Nerone.

Scientific Committee                                            Art Director: Davide Carnevale

To have more information:
Contact us
FB Group landartcampiflegrei


Download location’s map 

Download photographic material of the location (available within a short period of time)

Download the call

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